Exhibitor's Technical Presentation

Exhibitor Presentation provides exhibitors with opportunities to introduce their products and the latest technologies at the special room provided in the exhibition hall. Inviting your prospective customers to the presentation is obviously an excellent way of not only introducing your products or technologies, but also promoting your corporate image for many visitors.
The room will be reserved with the additional fee.


  Nov. 28 (Wed.)
A room B room C room D room
11:00~11:30 A1 B1 C1 D1
11:45~12:15 A2 B2 C2 D2
12:30~13:00 A3 B3 C3 D3
13:15~13:45 A4 B4 C4 D4
14:00~14:30 A5 B5 C5 D5
14:45~15:15 A6 B6 C6 D6
15:30~16:00 A7 B7 C7 D7
  Nov. 29 (Thu.)
A room B room C room D room
11:00~11:30 A8 B8 C8 D8
11:45~12:15 A9 B9 C9 D9
12:30~13:00 A10 B10 C10 C10
13:15~13:45 A11 B11 C11 D11
14:00~14:30 A12 B12 C12 D12
14:45~15:15 A13 B13 C13 D13
15:30~16:00 A14 B14 C14 D14
  Nov. 30 (Fri.)
A room B room C room D room
11:00~11:30 A15 B15 C15 D15
11:45~12:15 A16 B16 C16 D16
12:30~13:00 A17 B17 C17 C17
13:15~13:45 A18 B18 C18 D18
14:00~14:30 A19 B19 C19 D19
14:45~15:15 A20 B20 C20 D20
15:30~16:00 A21 B21 C21 D21
Participation Fee: 1 session per 30 minutes: JPY 54,000 (including tax)
For further details and application, please contact the show management office.