Promotions for POWTEX TOKYO 2020

VIP Invitation

We will be invited to POWTEX TOKYO as the VIP guests and they will be entitled to receive a VIP badge for the priority registration and free entry to the VIP lounge where they can enjoy having business talks with their guests in a comfortable atmosphere. Exhibition organizer will also invite the guests as VIP when recommended by the exhibitors.
Please contact the Show Management Office for further information.

Extensive Promotion

To attract and promote a larger number of people visiting the exhibition domestically and globally, we will continuously run the comprehensive promotional campaigns as follows:

Direct mail by the exhibition organizer

Since the direct mail is deemed as the most effective tool to encourage the people to visit the exhibition site, we will send the invitation letters to the individuals and industrial groups in Japan as well as in overseas countries, mainly in Asia.


The exhibition posters will be sent to the users, potential customers and governmental and any other powder related organizations. The posters will also be sent to the participant companies for their own use.

Invitation Tickets

Required number of admission free tickets will be delivered to the participants of exhibition so that they can encourage their customers to attend the exhibition. Also the tickets will be sent to the people in powder related industries all over the world.

Public Relations through Mass Media

Advertising on the selected journals and industry newspapers and also providing the press release periodically to these media.

Inter-net Web Site

Transmitting detailed information on the products from exhibitors, topics of powder industry, attractions, pre-registration, etc. through the inter-net official site.

Cooperation with Industrial Association

Tie up with other related organizations of overseas countries, and information is distributed to the wide range of customers.

Features Visitor Support Service and Comprehensive Information Counters

This year’s exhibit will feature a comprehensive information counter at the entrance, which will act as a supporting concierge for overseas visitors, as well as aid in exhibit and product search on the computer, which will make it more convenient for the visitors.