Exhibition Title:

The 14th International Powder Technology Exhibition Osaka

Exhibition Period:

October 13Wed10:0017:00
October 14Thu10:0017:00

October 15Fri10:0016:30


INTEX OSAKAInternational Exhibition Center, Osaka

Organizer: The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN (APPIE)
Special Cooperation
The Society of Powder Technology Japan
The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan
The Business and Technology Daily News
Show Management Office

CNT Inc.
1-24-3-4F, Kandasuda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041 Japan
Phone: +81-3-5297-8855 Fax: +81-3-5294-0909
e-mail: info2021@powtex.com

“POWTEX OSAKA 2021” sponsored by the Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN (APPIE) will be held at INTEX Osaka (Nanko) for three days from October 13 (Wed.) to 15 (Fri.), 2021.
This association is a general incorporated association, which aims to promote the development of the powder-related industry through the development and diffusion of industrial technologies relating to powder and to contribute to the sound development of the Japanese economy and enhancement of the living standards of Japanese citizens. For the achievement of this aim, our member corporations that deal with powder technology collaborate with experts from academia and government on various activities.
Exhibition POWTEX is the biggest event for business people concerning powder machinery and technology, offering various information on “powder and particles.”
We hope many corporations and organizations will participate in this exhibition.

Yukiyoshi YAMADA
The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN
Welcome to participate
POWTEX OSAKA, which has been held every two years, attracted 10,847 visitors and 215 exhibitors in 2019, offering good business opportunities. This exhibition will hold various seminars, such as “Late-Breaking News Forum” focusing on hot topics, “Konamon Kotohajime (Powder 101)” for newcomers, “Powder Machinery Guidance,” and “Information Seminar on Dust Explosion,” as well as many events like product technology briefings by exhibitors. Our previous exhibitions acquired good reputation from both visitors and exhibitors as a provider of business opportunities.
We would like you to consider participation in “POWTEX OSAKA 2021” to have opportunities to introduce your products and technology, maintain close relationships with your customers, gain new markets and customers, communicate with industry, academia, and government, and exchange information with supporters and collaborators.

Committee of Powtex Osaka
Visitor Target: Chemistry, Rubber, Plastics, Paper, Pulp
Pharmaceutics, Health Food, Cosmetics
Foodstuff, Feedstuff
Inorganic materials, Ceramics
Steel, Metal, Mining, Cement
Machinery, Electric, Batteries, Electronics
Engineering, Construction
Environment protection, Energy, Recycle
Government, Academic & Research Institutions
Technologies & Products for Exhibiting  Powder Processing Machinery
・ Powder handling
(Cutting, Storage, Feed, Transportation, Bag opener, Anti-clogging, Peripheral Machinery)
・ Grinding, Comminution, Pulverizing
(Grinding, Comminution, Pulverizing, Fine/Micro pulverizing, Disintegration)
・ Classification, Screen, Sieving
(Classification, Sieving, Screen, Separation, Foreign body removal)
・ Dust collection
・ Crystallization, Emulsion, Dissolution
・ Mixing, Agitation, Dispersion
・ Wet processing
(Filtration, Press, Dehydration, Concentration, Solid‐liquid separation, Film separation, Deforming)
・ Fine bubble
・ Drying, Cooling
・ Mulling, Kneading
・ Granulation, Coating, Surface treatment
(Granulation, Coating, Surface treatment, Size reduction)
・ Foaming, Tableting
(Foaming, Tableting, Capsulizing)
・ Additive technology
(Additive manufacturing, Additive technology)
・ Firing, Incineration
・ Packing, Filling, Weighing
・ Instrumentation
(Instrumentation, Sampling, Control, Environmental measurement)
・ Engineering
(Engineering, Plant construction, Factory construction)
・ Others
(Recycling, Explosion safety, Sterilization, Screen, Metal wire cloth, Resin net, Filter, Container,
Packing materials, Heat-retention, Heat insulation, Noise reduction, Containment)
Powder Measuring Instrument
Laboratory Machinery
Contract Processing, Contract Measurement
Simulation Software
Powder materials
・ Grinding media
・ Dispersants
・ Functional materials
・ Powder materials
・ Pharmaceutical excipients
Books, JIS Standards, and Standard Powders

Future Material /Powder Simulation Zone: Items to be exhibited
Future Material Zone
Organic nanoparticles, nanorods, metallic and inorganic nanoparticles
・Nano-materials related technology
Nanoparticle application, nanoparticle safery
・Pharmaceutical materials
Additives such as diluents, disintegrants, binders, lubricants and coatings
・Food materials
Additives such as pigments and flavors; powdery foods and the like including dry foods, seasonings and spices
・Composite materials
Particle dispersion composites, multilayer-coated particles, organic-inorganic hybrid materials and so on 
・Material manufacturing methods
Particle coating, particle deposition, particle synthesis and other manufacturing methods for new materials
As shown above, this zone of the exhibition is intended to cover the products and technologies involving new materials and high-performance materials.

Powder simulation Zone
・Software: Commercial software, video editor, DEM, CAD, CFD, and workstation
・Obtaining physical properties for simulation:
AFM, pycnometer, adhesive force measuring apparatus, and zeta-potential measuring equipment
・Equipment for verification tests:
PIV, high-speed camera, laser microscope, and SEM
 Products and technologies concerning powder simulation are exhibited.
Booth Type and Participation Fee
(10% consumption tax is included)
Type A   2.97m Width×2.97m Depth×2.7m Height
  Participation Fee per 1 Booth
   APPIE Members : 297,000JPY   Non Members : 363,000JPY

Two-side open(1 to 3booths)  66,000JPY
Three-side open (4, 6 and 8booths)  363,000JPY
(If you select 4 or more booths, you will have a corner booth.)
  Type B   2.97m Width×1.98m Depth×2.7m Height  
  Participation Fee per 1 Booth
   APPIE Members : 242,000JPY   Non Members : 319,000JPY

  Future Material / Powder simulation Zone  
  POWTEX OSAKA 2021, scheduled for three days from October 13, 2021, will provide an exhibition section named "Future Material/Powder Simulation Zone," which is located in the special exhibition area of the venue.
As a privilege for exhibitors taking part in this display zone, we will provide the space for a 15-minute presentation, upon request and free of charge.

1.98m Width × 1.495m Depth × 2.7m Height

Participation Fee per 1 Booth (consumption tax included) N
  APPIE Members *  187,000JPY   Non Members   220,000JPY  

Fee includes following items: - exhibit space
- Basic facility
 Back and side walls (Octanorm system), Carpet,
 Company name board, arm- spotlights × 2,
 Power outlet 100V x 1, Power wiring×1kW, Electricity cost×1kW,
 Display table (1.98m W x 0.495m D x 1.0m H), Folding chair × 1
 *Even if you do not use any of the above facilities, the fee as mentioned the above will
be charged in full.

Privilege: Those parties / companies who are participating this zone will be
granted a privilege to deliver a 15 minutes
presentation on their products and technologies at the Presentation Corner.
(The first 8 companies can have this presentation)
Promotions of POWTEX OSAKA 2021 Extensive Promotion
To attract larger number of visitors not only from domestic market but from global market, we are continuously committed to a comprehensive promotional campaign.

Posters will be printed and posted at users, governmental and other powder-related organizations.

Invitation Tickets
Delivering invitation tickets to attendees shows great effect on encouraging various trade visitors to attend the exhibition. This year again, invitation tickets will be distributed to users in powder related industry all over the world, emphasizing in Asian countries, as well as Japan.

Invitation Tickets to Exhibitors
Free invitation tickets will also be delivered to exhibitors at their request. The invitations let exhibitors treat their customers and prospects as their special guests with free admission to the exhibition.

Cross Promotion
Cross-Promotion with other powder industry events is effective to forge lasting partnerships.

Promotion through Media
Advertising in the selected journals and newspapers will be made in addition to regular press releases in the powder related media in Japan as well as in countries abroad.

Cooperation with Industrial Association
Tie up with other related organizations of the world, information will be distributed to the wide range of customers.

Exhibitor Presentation Exhibitor Presentation provides exhibitors with opportunities to introduce their products and the latest technologies at the special room provided in the exhibition hall. Inviting your prospective customers to the presentation is obviously an excellent way of not only introducing your products or technologies, but also promoting your corporate image for many visitors.
The room will be reserved with additional fee.

Participation Fee: 1 session per 30 minutes: 66,000 JPY
(consumption tax included)
For further details and application, please contact the show management office.