Special Exhibition Zone

 Advanced Material Zone NEW

Technologies & Products for Exhibiting

Nano materials

Materials (including carbon nanotubes; fullerenes; metallic, inorganic or organic nanoparticles; and nanorods), environment/energy, measurement/evaluation, working environment management (safety of nanoparticles), nano-processing technology, exposure prevention/work management

Battery materials

Positive-electrode materials (cobalt, manganese, nickel, etc.), negative-electrode materials (graphite, hard carbon, tin, silicon materials, etc.), electrolyte solution/electrolyte, separator (polyolefin, etc.), copper foil, binders, additives and so on

Pharmaceutical materials

Additives such as diluents, disintegrants, binders, lubricants and coatings

Food materials

Additives such as pigments and flavors; powdery foods and the like including dry foods, seasonings and spices

Composite materials

Particle dispersion composites, multilayer-coated particles, organic-inorganic hybrid materials and so on

Material manufacturing methods

Particle coating, particle deposition, particle synthesis and other manufacturing methods for new materials

 Simulation Zone

Technologies & Products for Exhibiting

Simulation Software

Common booth specification

In addition to general and trial booths, the inexpensive specification with basic display is also available.

Fee per booth: 216,000 JPY / booth

Booth size: 2m W x 2m D x 2.7m H / booth

Fee includes following items:
Back and side walls (Octanorm system), Carpet, Company name board, Spotlights × 2, Display table, Folding chair × 1, Power outlet 100V x 1, Power wiring×1kW, Electricity cost×1kW,

*Even if you do not use any of the above facilities, the fee as mentioned the above will be charged in full.

[Privileges of exhibitors for this zone]

We will provide the space for a 15-minute presentation, upon request and free of charge.

*The presentation time will be determined by the organizer.