Technologies & Products for Exhibiting

POWTEX TOKYO 2018 consists of three zones in accordance with the products to exhibit and that will provide the visitors with easy access to the products of their interest.
Exhibitors may select the most suitable exhibition zone for their products.

Manufacturing & Processing Equipment Zone

Pulverizers, Screening equipment, Classifiers, Filters, Mixers, Kneaders, Granulators, Coaters, Driers, Feeders, Conveying equipment, Dispersion equipment, Dust collectors, Molding equipment, Surface treatment equipment, Packaging equipment, Firing equipment, etc.

Instrumentation, Measuring & Laboratory Equipment Zone

Measuring equipment, Instrumentation equipment, Laboratory equipment, Control systems, FA equipment, etc.

Materials, Engineering & Information Zone

New materials, Filter materials, Screens, Functional powders, Engineering, Processing services on commission, Publications, Computer systems, Auxiliary agents, etc.