Booth Type and Participation Fee(Including Tax)

General Booth Participation Fee per 1 Booth
1-9 Booths 3.0m W 3.0m D × 2.7m H JPY 378,000

More than 10 booths

(Independent booth only)
3.0m W × 3.0m D × 5.0m H

Booth Layout

In order to achieve a successful result on the exhibition, it is very important for the exhibitors to secure the most suitable exhibition space and select the ideal booth layout for their products. POWTEX provides six different types of booth layout to comply with the specific requirements of each exhibitor.

Booth blocks in single row  
Booth blocks in double row More than 4 blocks
Independent booth
(double row)
More than 10 blocks
Independent booth (triple row) 12, 15, 18 blocks or more
Face-to-face More than 12 blocks in even number
Free-size row More than 20 blocks (180㎡)

Display Package

Proposed Ready-to-move-in Display Packages are the most functional and economical way to use for the exhibition and a wide range of selection is available from the basic package to the optional one with exhibition tables, reception desk, etc.

Examples of the Display Package

One booth
  • Price:
    JPY 149,281 (including tax, excluding participation fee)
    -Back and side walls (Octanorm system)
    -Company name board
    -Carpet (red, blue, or green)
  • Devices:
    Display tables (W990×D990×H900)×3
    Reception desk (W990×D495×H900)×1
    Slide door×1
  • Electric Devices:
    Fluorescent lamp 40W×1
    Arm spotlight 100W×3
    Power outlet (ground equipped) 100V×2
    Power wiring×1KW
    Electricity cost×1KW
  • Other Items:
    Folding chair×2
    Business card tray×1
Two Booths
  • Price:
    JPY 279,402 (including tax, excluding participation fee)
    -Back and side walls (Octanorm system)
    -Company name board
    -Carpet (red, blue, or green)
  • Devices:
    Display table (W990×D990×H900)×6
    Reception desk (W990×D495×H900)×1
    Slide door×2
  • Electric Devices:
    Fluorescent lamp 40W×2
    Arm spotlight 100W×6
    Power outlet (ground equipped) 100V×4
    Power wiring×2KW
    Electricity cost×2KW
  • Other Items:
    Folding chair×3
    Business card tray×1

Trial Booth

Trial Booth for New Participants!!

POWTEX TOKYO 2018 facilitates the Trial Booth for the exhibitors who are going to participate in the POWTEX exhibition for the first time. The booth is equipped with the fundamental items such as company's name board, lightings and carpet and easy to build up, which enable the exhibitors to substantially save the participation costs for the exhibition.
Don't miss this opportunity, and why not experience the benefits you can get from participating POWTEX.

Trial Booth
  • Booth Size:
  • Fee per one booth:
    JPY 334,800 (including tax)
  • Fee includes following items:
    - exhibition space 6m²

    - Basic facility
    Back and side walls (Octanorm system), Carpet (blue), Company name board, Two arm spotlights, Power outlet 100V×1, Power wiring×1kW, Electricity cost×1kW, Display table (3.0mW×1.0mD×0.9mH), Folding chair×1

    * Even if you do not use any of the above facilities, the fee as mentioned the above will be charged in full.

  • The exhibitors selecting to take this Trial Booth are requested to meet the following conditions:
  1. The exhibitor is limited only to the people who is participating POWTEX TOKYO for the first time.
  2. Number of the booth block is limited to two blocks maximum.
Total 20 Trial booths are available!!