General Term and Condition

Application for Participation

Please complete the attached application form and send it to the exhibition management office by mail. Those who are participating the exhibition for the first time are requested to submit a copy of the company's brochure and catalogue(s) for the product(s) to be exhibited. In the event that the applied exhibit is deemed to be unsuitable for the exhibition, the participation may not be accepted.

Application Deadline

July 29 (Fri.), 2016
(Please note that the application will be closed even before the deadline when the booths allocated for the exhibition are fully booked)

Payment of Participation Fee

In accordance with the application, you will receive an invoice from the exhibition office. The payment should be made to the account specified on the invoice before the designated date. In the event that the payment is not made before the designated date, your application may possibly be declined. Payment in check is not accepted.

Cancellation after Application

Cancellation of applied number and space of the booth as a whole or part is not basically accepted. In the event that such a cancellation is deemed as reasonable or unavoidable by the exhibition organizer, the cancellation dates and fees are as follows:

Date of cancellation Fee to be paid (%)
Up to July 29, 2016 60% of the participation fee
July 30~September 30, 2016 80% of the participation fee
October 1~ October 31, 2016 90% of the participation fee
After November 1, 2016 100% of the participation fee

Items included in Participation Fee

  • Basic booth rental (using back panel and side panel/Octanorm system)
  • Electricity supply single phase 100V/300W
  • Participant's company nameplate with booth number in the form designated by the organizer. (300mmH × 450mmW)
  • Usage fee of the exhibition site.
  • Construction and maintenance fees for common facilities.
  • Promotion cost for visitors.
  • Invitation tickets for customers.
  • Utility costs for visitors. (Exhibition site guidance, etc.)
  • Costs for exhibition management office, safety and security managements.

Items not included in Participation Fee

  • Booth decoration, transportation and management costs for participants.
  • Main electricity supply in excess of 100V/300W per one booth, installation of secondary power source and its usage costs.
  • Utility costs for gas, water, etc. (Installation costs and rates for primary and secondary lines).
  • Installation costs and usage rates of communication line for temporary telephone, etc.
  • Insurance costs for participant's own exhibits and personal injuries.
  • Compensation costs for causing a damage or loss to the facilities and equipment at the exhibition hall and the exhibits of others.
  • Other fees and costs, which are not usually included in the participation fee.


2016 July 29 (Fri.) Deadline of application for participation
  July 29 (Fri.) Deadline of application for Product Briefing Session
  July 29 (Fri.) Starting to dispatch the posters
  Early September Briefing session of participants
  Mid September Starting promotion and advertising activities
  Early October Dispatching the invitation tickets
  Mid. October Deadline of submitting documents for exhibition
  Late October Advertising on news papers and magazines
  Late October Starting to dispatch mail news
  November 28 – 29 Carrying in the exhibits and installation
  November 30 – December 2 POWTEX TOKYO 2016
  December 2 Removals
2016 Mid. January Dispatching the report

Booth layout

The booth allocations will be decided by the exhibition organizer in consideration of the following factors and announced to the participants at the briefing session:
① Participation record in the past (number of participations), ② Application order, ③ Required number of booth, ④ Product to exhibit, ⑤ Product demonstration is taking place or not.


It is prohibited for the participants or applicants to sublet, sell, assign or exchange the exhibition space as a whole or part.

Continuous Presence by the Exhibitor's Representative

Exhibitors or their agents are requested to take part in their booth continually by their representative wearing the exhibitor's badge designated by the exhibition organizer on whole days through the exhibition period, attend the visitors and take care of their exhibits.


In the event that the exhibitor or its agent has caused any damage to the booth of others or facility and personnel at the exhibition site, the exhibitor should bear the responsibility..


We recommend for the exhibitors to cover the insurance against loss or damage of whatever is necessary during the exhibition period.

Postponement or Discontinuation of Exhibition

In the event that opening of the exhibition is deemed to be difficult and postponed or discontinued due to the natural or human disaster or force majeure, the organizer will decide to postpone or discontinue the exhibition. When discontinued, the paid-in fees will be refunded to the exhibitor by deducting all necessary expenses but the organizer is not liable for any other costs already incurred to the exhibitor.

Carry in, Carry out and Removal of Exhibits

The dates of carrying in the exhibits to the exhibition hall and the time frame required for installation works will be explained in detail at the briefing session for the exhibitors. Carrying in, carrying out, relocation and removal of the exhibits during the exhibition period are not allowed. The exhibitors should be liable for maintenance and cleaning of the booth and exhibits.
In the event that the exhibits and any other articles belonged to the exhibitor are not removed before the designated deadline, the organizer will do so at the exhibitor's risk and expense.

Using Microphone and Volume Restriction

In relation to the neighboring booths, the maximum volume of microphone and AV equipment used at the booth and any sounds generated by the exhibits should be 75 db (when measured at the distance of 2 meters from the booth front and 1 meter height).
The live music performance is strictly prohibited.

Liabilities and Immunities of Exhibition Management

The exhibition organizer is entitled to set and amend various rules to perform smoother management of the exhibition and from time to time, add new rules and alterations to this terms and conditions.
In case the exhibitor violates any of the exhibition rules, regulations and other exhibitor's manuals, the organizer may decline his participation and the fees already paid in will not be refunded.
Although the exhibition site will be totally secured by the professional security company whole way through the exhibition period from carrying in to removal, the organizer will not be liable for any damages, losses and robberies occurred to the exhibitors.

Approval of Exhibition Rules and Regulation

It is hereby acknowledged that all rules and regulations established by the organizer and described herein are agreed and approved.

Timetable until Commencement of Exhibition

  1. Submission of the application for participating the exhibition.
    Please read this manual carefully and submit the application format duly filled in as soon as possible.
  2. The participation fees will be invoiced after receipt of your application.
    Upon receipt of our invoice, please settle the payment before due date.
    The payment in check is not accepted.
  3. Briefing session.
    The instruction manuals for preparation and management procedures and utility guide book will be distributed to the exhibitors and all necessary information on carrying in the exhibits, installation procedures and exhibition managements will be explained at the session.
    The briefing session will be held in Early September 2016.
  4. Timetable for carry-in, exhibition and removal.
Facility Work by organizer and decoration and carrying in by exhibitor November 28 (Mon.) & 29 (Tur.), 2016
09:00~18:00 (Both days)
Exhibition dates November 30 (Wed.) ~ December 2 (Fri.), 2016
Removals December 2 (Fri.), 2016 17:00~23:00