Promotions of POWTEX OSAKA 2019

Extensive Promotion

To attract larger number of visitors not only from domestic market but from global market, we are continuously committed to a comprehensive promotional campaign.


Posters will be printed and posted at users, governmental and other powder-related organizations.

Invitation Tickets

Delivering invitation tickets to attendees shows great effect on encouraging various trade visitors to attend the exhibition. This year again, invitation tickets will be distributed to users in powder related industry all over the world, emphasizing in Asian countries, as well as Japan.

Invitation Tickets to Exhibitors

Free invitation tickets will also be delivered to exhibitors at their request. The invitations let exhibitors treat their customers and prospects as their special guests with free admission to the exhibition.

Cross Promotion

Cross-Promotion with other powder industry events is effective to forge lasting partnerships.

Promotion through Media

Advertising in the selected journals and newspapers will be made in addition to regular press releases in the powder related media in Japan as well as in countries abroad.

Internet Web Site

Internet Web Site is useful for offering detailed, up-to-date information for exhibitors and attendees alike.

Cooperation with Industrial Association

Tie up with other related organizations of the world, information will be distributed to the wide range of customers.

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Show Management Office

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